Thursday, January 24, 2008

Benefits of Music Making

I recently published a post regarding the side benefits of rocking in middle age. Then I ran across an article about NAMM ’08 on Music Ramble that introduced me to their Wanna Play Campaign. Little did I know I was only scratching the surface!

According to NAMM, music is healthy as well as fun! I guess when I wrote about the side benefits I focused more on the fun part. They claim music making is scientifically proven to:

· Exercise the brain
· Fight memory loss
· Reduce stress
· Lower blood pressure
· Stave off depression

This is all good stuff at any age. They cite other side benefits such as building confidence, enabling creation of social connections, and increases in creativity and productivity. Wow! I never knew I had it so good! I know their focus is sales of musical instruments but even taking the source into account, there is no bad news here.

I need to come up with some qualitative and quantitative measures to see if I’ve gained any of these benefits. I think I'm good on most of these measures but who knows, I could be lots worse off right now if I hadn’t started playing music….

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Rhea said...

I am a self-taught drummer but I would like to learn violin. I am 49.

VintageP said...

Wonderful and thanks for visiting! You should check out Meg White of the White Stripes as she was a self taught drummer and created her own well regarded style. Good luck on the violin!

Confidence said...

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