Monday, January 14, 2008

Getting Brian Setzer's Sleepwalk Out of My Head

As I was wrapping up a lesson one day and talking shop with my instructor he indicated I needed to check out Brian Setzer's Grammy winning version of "Sleepwalk". I did and it became one of my favorites; and we added The Brian Setzer Orchestra to our cocktail hour repertoire.

Problem is, after listening to it a week or so ago I can't get the tune out of my head. I ran across several versions of him performing this on YouTube and this one is notable because you get good views of his technique. Hopefully, by posting it here I can clear it out of my head; at least until the next cocktail hour.


Gary said...

thank you for sharing this - over the last weeks I was wondering what a Gretsch guitar really sounds like, and that's the best example here I can think of! Great tune.

CyberCoder said...

That is a nice rendition, and I have to admit, I never gave Brian Setzer much credit for guitar work.