Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Can Baby Boomers Go Home Again?

I ran across this Associated Press article: Returning to the family roost where it highlights a trend towards baby boomers returning to live with mom and dad due to the slumping economy. Yikes!

When times are tough you do what you have to do; I can understand that. However, since I actively advocate that Baby Boomers get music, this scenario is not one I’ve accounted for.

If you’ve decided to take the guitar plunge and will be moving home for awhile (hopefully not because you got in finacial difficulty due to guitar gear addiction), keep in mind that mom and dad may view that as a mixed blessing. Take it from me, in the early going; things may sound better to you than they do to others.

You may want to consider headphones for your practice rig…...


Anonymous said...

Boy I sure hope I don't have to move in with my parents. Considering they have both died, it will be tighter than for most people and I'm sure the cemetery will have objections.
On the other hand being disabled and on SSI disability, the thought is kinda scary. I know there is a serious shortage of funds in the Government, go figure.
But hey I got my axs and my survival skills are pretty good.
I'll just keep keepin on I guess.
Some countries actually revere their Senior Citizens, We used to.

Rhea said...

My parents have died, too. So there's no moving back in for me. But I am certain I wouldn't do it even if I could. I play the drums.

VintageP said...

Drums! That would be a deal breaker :-)

eric said...

I think I'd rather move my family of five into my guitar case rather than move back in with my parents.

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