Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dating Advice for Baby Boomers: Learn the Guitar

I’ve found a set of baby boomer oriented blogs that I like to visit and often see ads for baby boomer dating services. So, it occurs to me that this may be yet another benefit of making music. If you find yourself back in the dating scene in middle age, learning to play the guitar may really help you in your quest to find that certain someone.

Flimsy you say? Maybe, but do you see any guitar legends (male or female) lacking for companionship? It can't hurt.

It’s not too late to pick up the guitar in middle age. Apparently the number of dating services oriented towards baby boomers says it’s not too late to be out there dating if you are unattached. “Guitarist” will look great on your online dating profile under “Hobbies” :-).


Rita said...

Good idea. Let us know if you get any interested students.


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