Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Does a Beard Improve Your Guitar Playing?

One blog I visit frequently is The Boomer Chronicles, which recently discussed baldness. If you visit my profile you'll see I’m an expert and this article prompted me to go the shaved head/goatee route like other rock legends. I did some analysis to see if going for the look has improved my playing.

I evaluated qualitative and quantitative aspects of my pre and post goatee playing and no discernible difference other than an itchy chin. Dang! I was hoping I would maybe pick up a Kerry King/Slayer vibe or something as a result.

Nonetheless, I'm going to stay with the goatee because it sure feels like it makes me play better.


Anonymous said...

I like the idea that you're going with the goatee. You may not hear the difference, but the right attitude and appearance can make it perceved you're playing better. At the very least you look cool.

Bill H.

Anonymous said...

Great site! I'm been enjoying your various studies and commentaries immensely.
This one is particularly funny, as just yesterday I was looking in the mirror and remarked to myself that I LOOK like more of a musician with my Van Dyke beard. Coincidentally, my playing has started to improve over the past year, or since I grew my beard. Maybe beards do rock, and we're just along for the ride? Beard on!

VintageP said...

Rock on! thanks for reading.

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