Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Three Generations Test Linkin Park’s Minutes to Midnight

I finally got around to buying Linkin Park’s Minutes to Midnight and brought it to Florida for the annual Spring Break ritual (not the wild Daytona Beach type; visiting grandparents in active retirement type) where it became an interesting test of music’s universal appeal.

My Gen Y offspring became instant converts on the plane trip down. We’re picked up at the airport by the grandparents and half way through the track “Given Up” the Silent generation is into it as well! Since I bought it I’m biased but my Baby Boomer wife is enjoying it so that covers generation three.

We ultimately pull into a pirate themed beach restaurant for the early bird special with the speakers thumping and heads bobbing. The innocent bystanders getting out of their cars at the same time to beat the early bird cutoff (picture a crowd of salmon rushing up stream to spawn) didn’t know what to make of us. I guess we were difficult to categorize. But, within seconds, the bystanders adjusted (more focused on the special maybe) and we blended right in.

The conclusion I draw from this non-scientific study is that playing and enjoying music is universal regardless of age. My job is to keep reminding people of that. If you have a desire to make music, get going because time is a wasting. Then you’ll know what I mean.


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