Saturday, January 24, 2009

Guilt Free Guitar Gear

Guitarists love gear. Problem is, we are in a global economic meltdown and your spouse does not understand why you need more than one of anything guitar related anyway. So, buying that unique effects pedal (even used off Craigslist) may come with some guilt. One approach to overcome these obstacles is to create your own housecleaning service.

I’m not talking about going around and cleaning other peoples’ homes. I’m talking about cleaning your own. You do the cleaning and pay yourself what you would pay a cleaner to come in. Sure, this works best if you are a dual income household and already paying for housecleaning. However, you can get creative and leverage social stereotypes to make this work. If you are male and take on the housecleaning duties you are immune, man! Nobody is going to criticize you for picking up a new toy now and then.

This is great exercise for aging rockers, helps build fret hand strength (be sure to wear cleaning gloves), and it goes a long ways towards enhancing marital bliss. Give it a try and start building your gear collection today!