Monday, February 23, 2009

Ambassador of Music City

My wife and I recently celebrated an anniversary at an historic downtown hotel and I heard some great guitar tone on walking into the lobby. Sound but no guitarist. It sure sounded live to me but I couldn't place him. Soon after being seated for dinner I see this guy walk into the room picking away on a great looking Epiphone archtop. This must be the Nashville equivalent of the strolling violinist!

I studied his guitar technique (of course) once he came by our table to see what I could learn. He definitely had multi tasking down as he could maintain a conversation without skipping a beat. This was offbeat enough where I felt compelled to check this guy out during the break. Turns out it was David Andersen, Ambassador of Music City.

Mr. Anderson normally entertains visitors to the Country Music Hall of Fame and claims to have met 1 Million people doing this gig and has a journal to back it up! He has a wireless setup (critical for the strolling musician part) and I got some good tone tips as he was running through a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, which is one of the amps I have at home.

After a few minutes of gear talk I rejoined my wife after having purchased a couple CDs and came away with a souvenir guitar pick. Every meal out can turn into a guitar lesson in this town!